Rick Perry, Worst Debater Ever, Still Running for President

Rick Perry is doing his level best today to try and live down the monumental gaffe he committed last night during the CNBC debate, forgetting the third government agency that he would eliminate as president. As he was trying to give Ron Paul the what-for on the steps he would take as penny-pincher-in-chief, you can see the air seeping out of his argument as his thought walks out of his ear, until he’s reduced to a pitiful “oops.”

He appeared on the Today show (and a few others this morning) to talk about the error, sounding tired but stating unequivocally that he has no plans to drop out of the race. In fact, his campaign is trying to use the mistake to peg him as “only human.”

Already on his website, there’s a quiz that asks visitors to name the government agency they’d like to forget about. The campaign is also using it as a fundraising tool, asking people to give $5 for every agency they’d like to forget. He’ll even be doing the Top Ten on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight.

Of course, Perry’s people are also using it as part of an attack on President Obama, reminding people that he once said the U.S. has 57 states.

Perry has had problems holding it together during campaigns, so while the campaign is doing a decent job of trying to deflect attention, the ability to strongly communicate your message when pitted against the other GOP candidates is going to be critical as the final decision is being made. Though being his gaffe-making self could be an ill-advised campaign strategy. (?)

Speaking of forgetting things, wasn’t there another GOP candidate facing a problem with his campaign. It was so long ago — like yesterday — so I think we’re all having trouble remembering what had us all up in arms.

Oh yeah, so about that: Herman Cain has posted an a biography of sorts of Sharon Bialek on his website, directing inquiries to the campaign’s VP of comms. He’s got Rush Limbaugh and the New York Post‘s Andrea Peyser on his side (always great). And Cain’s lawyer, who also represented Kobe Bryant during his sexual assault case, has warned others about coming forward. Reminder: These people are running for President of the United States.