Rick Astley Rules YouTube Comedy?

Reggie Watts spoof taking early lead

Who's winning YouTube Comedy Week? The professionals or the natives? It's hard to tell so far. But a mix of traditional comedy chops and Rick Astley magic seem to be a winning combination.

YouTube is trying to create its version of Must Stream TV by rolling out its inaugural Comedy Week this week, which should serve as both an audience driver and marketing-to-skittish-brands type event for YouTube. Though it's only Tuesday afternoon, comedian Reggie Watts, a regular on Conan and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, has scored over 700,000 views for Reg Rolled, a clip during which he spoofs the Astley classic Never Gonna Give You Up, complete with similar dance moves. It's up to you who grooves better (see both clips below).

In the meantime, it will be interesting to assess how well this week plays out. So far, there haven't been any obvious runaway hits (several live events are scheduled). So far, other top performing clips are Lonely Island's Diaper Money (750,000), Key of Awesome's Start a Mumford Band (84,000 views), Jake and Amir's Rick Fox 4 (19,000 views) and The History of YouTube (557,000 views and counting) by The Gregory Bros.

(By the way, Astley's Never Gonna Give has over 63 million views to date. Good luck, Reggie).

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