Richardson: Don’t Blame Fox

Gov. Bill Richardson was on FOX News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” less than an hour ago and conceded that he mispoke (and Fox News did not misinterpret) on Dec. 7 when he indicated that he was running for president.

    Neil Cavuto, Fox News Channel host: “There was some confusion last time you were with my buddy Carl Cameron whether you had said or implied you were running for president or not. So I need to know, are you running for president?”

    Gov. Bill Richardson: “I am going to decide in January and Carl Cameron is a very good reporter and I unfortunately made the mistake of answering a hypothetical question instead of saying ‘should I run, I will do this.’ And I didn’t do that so there was all this confusion and I’m not too upset about it. I’m going to decide next month in January — talking to my family, my constituents, see where things are and at the same time, I think Carl Cameron and Fox News were doing their job so I’m not upset at them but it did cause a ruckus…”

    “If I did run, and now I’m going to do it right, it would be because I have national security experience. I think that is extremely important. I have had energy experience. You know I’ve had various number of jobs. I got a good resume but you know the key is do we have an opportunity in a very contested election with a lot of strong candidates to make a difference and to have a chance and I believe I do but I’m sorting all these things out, Neil.”