Journo Remembers the Night He Pissed Off Pierce Brosnan

There is always, at Richard Rushfield‘s blog Rushfield Babylon, the guarantee that the author will tell it like it is, or was. Be the topic Nikki Finke, network TV singing competitions or, in this case, the Sundance Film Festival.

Rushfield is not in Park City this year. However, when he was covering Sundance a few years back for the Los Angeles Times, he managed to rub Pierce Brosnan the wrong way. Per his blog post:

Since the paper’s big serious film critics had decreed that only they were allowed to issue opinions on the films screened (even if they could only be bothered to grace us with their opinions of maybe five percent of the films shown at the festival), that left the rest of us to fill in gaps where we could… Largely with “scene” coverage…

Rushfield wound up at the Bon Appetit Supper Club. When a publicist for Brosnan’s competing 2009 entry The Greatest escorted the reporter to the actor during pre-dinner cocktails, here’s how the conversation began:

ME: Very nice to meet you.
PIERCE BROSNAN: So what did you think of the film?
M: I’m sorry. I didn’t actually see it.
PB: What?!
M: But I hear great things.
PB: Well, I don’t understand, what are you writing about then?
M: You know, the scene. The ambiance. The celebration of what a great film it was.
P: But if you haven’t seen it, what can we possibly talk about?
M: I’m sure we’ll think of something.
P: But this is just absurd.

Click here to find out how the former Bond quickly grew even more shaken and stirred. Best of all, this is Part 1 of a series Rushfield has titled “Getting Yelled at by Celebrities at Sundance Stardust Memories.” FishbowlLA looks forward to the subsequent entries.

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