Richard Rogers Preps for the Centre Georges Pompidou’s 30th Birthday


The Independent came up with a great headline for this weekend’s feature piece on Richard Rogers: “The Lord of All He Surveys.” You get it, right? He was knighted, so there’s the “lord” part. He’s an architect, so he’s looking things over. And he’s a visionary, so there’s more of that’s “surveying.” Honestly, we don’t need to keep spelling things out for you. But it also works in relation to the piece itself (of course), as it’s about Rogers looking back at his career, particularly with an upcoming retrospective of his work being held at his Centre Georges Pompidou, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of its building. If someone’s got an extra flight to Paris, please drop us a line. It opens November 21st. Here’s a bit about winning the contract:

“When we won it, we were in our 30s, Renzo and I, and we were very proud that we’d beaten 700 entries. We went to the press conference in Paris and they practically threw tomatoes at us. That certainly pulled us down to the ground.” When the centre opened, though, the public were queuing to get in.