Richard Nash’s Red Lemonade Takes Community Approach

Publisher Richard Nash is trying to turn the traditional publishing model inside out. Through his start up publishing company Cursor and its new imprint Red Lemonade, he aims to bring community to the forefront of publishing.

Red Lemonade, whose first three titles launched this spring, has a new community sourced literary website that lets writers submit manuscripts for both fiction and non-fiction work. This work is then reviewed by the community of readers. According to the site, “Readers write. Writers read.” The idea is for writers to get feedback from a good community of literary folks and give Red Lemonade exposure to potentially good work to publish.

The Red Lemonade approach stems from the historical publishing business –printing and bookselling– but is centered in the digital world. In a blog post today Nash wrote: “So the seeming radicalism of the Cursor project, as expressed here at Red Lemonade, is not contrary to the historical spirit of publishing but consonant with it. Being opposed to technology is profoundly at odds with the book business because what is the book but technology, technology that has been smoothed and sanded by repeated contact with human society into the most comfortable technology we have, as taken for granted as our clothes, product of the looms.”


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