Richard Miniter Mocks Japanese People On Facebook

Author, journalist and lawsuit, er, cigar aficionado Richard Miniter recently converted his Facebook profile to a fan page. The move came after Miniter failed in October to lure more than a handful of “fans” to the separate fan page he originally tried to start for himself. (He claimed it was because he has just too many friends, even though the Facebook max for friends is 5,000 and he’s not anywhere close to having to worry about that.)

Strange how Miniter — who Betsy describes as someone who “makes enemies with most anyone he meets and even wound up in court on domestic violence charges that eventually cleared” — can’t find fans without making “friends.”

But that’s hardly the most pathetic part of Miniter’s recent changes.

He has a new book out that contains the pointless revelation that President Obama allegedly delayed the bin Laden raid a few times at the suggestion of his adviser Valerie Jarrett. Had the raid not happened and not been a complete success that saw bin Laden killed and no Navy SEALs lost, this “scoop” might matter. As it stands, it’s just kind of lame.

But he’s got to sell books and a big part of being successful in Washington is giving the impression that: A) you already are and B) you don’t really need it. To that end, Miniter posted on his “fan” page a picture of him signing copies of his new book. For most people, simply posting a photo with a caption that describes what’s happening would be enough, but Miniter isn’t most people.

The caption he provided manages to take his self-promotion from pathetic to bigoted.

He captioned it saying his brother took the shot and that his brother “digs these candid photos.” For a candid photo, it’s rather strange to see the book’s cover so prominently featured. Like perhaps a staged picture might look.

But aside from the photo, which looks about as comfortable as a size 30″ belt on Ed Schultz, his caption doesn’t stop there. He continues, “My view of photos: If you’re not a girl, a car, a gun or Japanese, you shouldn’t be in a photo more than twice a year.”

For a guy who shouldn’t be making even remotely sexist cracks about women given his past, that seems a little unnecessary. But the really offensive part is the racial stereotype about Japanese people. They love taking pictures, get it? Those crazy Asians! How sad.