Richard Meier Returns to Product Design

With his industry very slowly inching its way back, resulting in extra time to focus energies elsewhere, like fellow starchitect Frank Gehry and his curating a ceramics exhibition, it just makes sense that Richard Meier would return to product design. Although best know for his work in architecture with buildings like Atlanta’s High Museum and Los Angeles’ Getty Center, he has a long history in product design, having designed furniture for Knoll, champagne cases for Dom Perignon, as well as wristwatches, interiors, and lots of things made of silver for the starchitect-friendly Swid Powell. Now Meier has teamed up with the Belgian firm When Objects Work (WOW) to design a handful of objects including candlesticks, glass bowls, and a candy dish, among others. All were debuted this past spring at the Milan Design Fair and will now be produced through WOW and reach retailers soon. Though we’re not sure yet where exactly they’ll be available, the firm’s site lists “Design Within Reach Collection,” so we know there’s a good chance that at least a portion of the collection will be going to them.

And very quickly, going back a spell, we’ve also learned that Meier is currently working with a former Knoll director in revisiting the aforementioned furniture he built for the company in the 1980s, and which should be available sometime next year. Should be interesting to see.