Richard Edelman and His Wife Divorcing After 28 Years

Page Six has "a source."

richard edelmanSome somber news amid all of today’s seasonal stunts: Richard Edelman and his wife, Rosalind Walrath, will officially split after nearly three decades together.

Or, as Emily Smith of the New York Post’s always-reputable Page Six puts it:

“Wealthy New York p.r. guru Richard Edelman is being divorced by his wife of 28 years.”

A quick New York Times search tells us that Edelman married Walrath, a career investment banker whose father was vice president of ad giant J. Walter Thompson, in 1986; she kept her name professionally.

“A source” who will not work for Edelman much longer (if he/she still does) told the Post that Walrath began divorce proceedings last year and recently restarted the legal process. The Post also claims that discussions are underway regarding the post-divorce distribution of the couple’s “considerable” assets.

While said source gave Page Six some dubious “opinions,” the firm declined to comment when we reached out, citing its official policy not to discuss “personal matters.”

Edelman and Walrath live in New York. They have three children.