Richard Doetsch Grows Audience With Vook


Author Richard Doetsch is excited about the interactive potential of eBooks. On a panel at Thrillerfest today, the author talked about making his first “Vook” called Embassy last year. It only took less than four months from conception to release.

In June 2009, Simon & Schuster approached Doetsch about doing a Vook, because they knew he could turn a story around quickly. Doetsch wrote the story in five days keeping in mind the fact that it would include a video element. A week later, two film producers showed up at his house and they collaborated on a storyboard. Doetsch then edited the story a bit to fit the final piece and the scenes were shot. “It is much better than Hollywood, where writers have no say,” said Doetsch.

The Vook was then released for the iPhone in October. Doetsch said that the Vook helped him reach out to a new and younger audience. Doetsch promoted the release on his site and by passing out free download codes to his college aged kids and their friends. It grew virally. His website traffic increased as did sales for the Vook and his other book titles. The iPad also really helped. “The iPad made sales explode,” he said.

Not a bad way to overcome the long schedules for print book production, expand audience, and get to write something with interactivity in mind.