Rich, Powerful Newspaper Owners Are A Plus

A week ago, we received an anonymous tip wondering how the Politico managed to score co-sponsorship of tonight’s debate on MSNBC.

Well, conspiracy theorists will feast on this bit:

    During and after the Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library Thursday, spinmeisters, media advisers and assorted other handlers will convene in a “spin room” to talk up their candidates’ performances.

    In the interest of full disclosure, a word about where the events will take place: “Allbritton Hall,” which, as a plaque notes, was a gift from Joe L. and Barbara Allbritton and the Allbritton Foundation, dedicated on Nov. 19. 1999. The Politico is published by Allbritton Communications, which Joe L. Allbritton founded.

    Politico reporters and editors, including this one, will be blogging live from Allbritton Hall during and after the debate.

    Joe L. Allbritton serves on the board of the Reagan Library. He knew the president for many years, dating back to Reagan’s days as governor of California. Allbritton has been a financial benefactor of the Reagan Library.

    The Reagan Library asked to name the room after the Allbrittons. The Allbrittons did not make the request.