Exiting Reporter Underscores How The Times, They Have Changed

NYT vet Rich Meislin's farewell note to colleagues includes some candid revelations about his personal life.

Jim Romenesko has shared New York Times reporter Rich Meislin’s April 22 farewell note to colleagues. After many years at the paper and an unlikely return following his acceptance of a 2008 buyout, Meislin swears this time it’s for good.

About halfway through the note, Meislin very candidly touches on some behind-the-scenes personal drama:

My additional, private hope was that I could prove that I was a great reporter and become a correspondent before they found out I was gay.

Because when I started here, being gay was something you didn’t admit at The Times, except to someone you were certain was gay as well. The world outside was a far more hostile place for gay people than it is today – and you learned very quickly that this was true or maybe truer inside The Times.

…Not least is that I’m standing here with my husband, Hendrik, who has been my rock for more than 23 years and deserves medals for endurance from both me and The Times.

The print newspaper business is in tatters, relative to when Meislin first started. On the other hand, gay reporters no longerhave to live on the QT and in fear, the way he once did. Read the rest of the farewell note here.