Rich Gorman Explains Why Google Organic Links Work So Well

Online entrepreneur Rich Gorman dissects Google profiles and their correlation with higher search rankings.

Marketing pioneer Rich Gorman states that businesses in the SEO industry have been exploring the use of Google + profiles.  The average user simply does not have the attention span or the patience to search past an engine’s page 1.  If a company or an individual wants to expand business, a Google ranking could easily make or break them.  The situation leads an Internet marketer to wonder if these Google + profiles have an impact on higher search rankings.  According to a scientific correlation study conducted by the Moz Data Science Team, these profiles are very closely connected with higher search rankings.

Rich Gorman expands on the findings, noting that a URL’s number of Google +1s is directly correlated with higher search rankings.  When a user shares an interesting photo, video or text post on a Google profile, he or she is inviting the audience to acknowledge it.

It’s important to note that clicking on the post is not enough to stimulate organic link-building.  A user must select the +1 feature on the post in order to boost the search rankings.  Although many people assumed that Google profiles could affect search rankings, the results of the study were rather astounding.

According to Gorman, Moz runs this comprehensive Ranking Factors study every two years in order to educate marketers.  This study represents the first time that researchers have specifically measured the correlation between Google +1s and higher rankings.  The correlation was so significant that it beat out well known metrics for linking root domains, Facebook shares and keyword usage.

Although this study represents the first comprehensive look at this relationship, Moz was not the first company to uncover it.  Searchmetrics conducted a similar study in which they found Google +1s to be the highest-correlated factor.  Gorman states that all of the research boils down to one question: Does Google+ activity help your page to rank higher?

Once the study was posted online, a representative of Google responded on Hacker News, implying that Google +1’s were not used in Google’s algorithm.  Rich Gorman addresses the implication when he explains that most +1’s on the site result in a shared post on Google +.  Once another user shares the post, they create a followed link back to the post.  Essentially, these posts are generating organic links with the quick click of a mouse.

Researchers state that the study should not be used as an excuse to accumulate as many +1s as possible.  They simply wanted to offer information for marketers to help them understand how a Google +1 is similar to an editorial link, with real benefits.  According to Gorman, the key information that marketers should take from this study is the fact that the posts create a followed link which results in higher rankings.  Google’s social tools have PageRank, which results in followed links from profiles, pages and communities.  Obtaining a +1 from a high-authority Google + user will strongly influence a page’s rank.


Rich Gorman Explains SEO and Google+ Essentials

Gorman agrees that Google + was built for SEO, even if the engineers never had that specific intention.  When a user shares content on Google +, it creates effects that are different from any other social network website.  Before 2011, Google was pulling their real-time search data from Twitter.  Twitter cut off Google’s access to their data and forced the company to use Google+ to discover new content.  Internet marketing professionals quickly realized that the URLs shared on Google+ are crawled and indexed almost instantly.

Professionals could not achieve the same with their Facebook profiles because the site’s privacy settings make it difficult for those posts to be crawled or indexed by Google.  Facebook hides most of their data from Google, while Twitter directs Google away from their links.