Rich Brilliant Willing to Debut Latest Collection at Chicago’s Volume Gallery

Rich Brilliant Willing—the New York-based design studio behind some of our favorite tables, among other forward-looking furnishings—is preparing for its first solo exhibition. The RBW trio of Theo Richardson, Charles Brill, and Alexander Williams (pictured at right, defying gravity) will debut a limited-edition collection of personal storage pieces in “Pro Forma,” a show opening March 18 at Volume Gallery in Chicago. And speaking of furniture that moves with you, the new pieces were inspired by international air-shipping containers and what the designers identify as “a transient nature in the contemporary idea of home.” Expect sturdy yet luxuriously lacquered shelving with heavily chamfered corners and tables whose similarly rugged shapes are tamed by materials unaccustomed to being stuffed into a fuselage, including brass, leather, and American hardwoods. Think “steamer trunks in an age of global logistics,” note gallery founders (and Wright veterans) Claire Warner and Sam Vinz. Keep an eye on Volume’s website for more details about the exhibition.