RIAA Sues Homeless Man, After Deciding Dead Grandmother Wasn’t Enough

Lawyer_Clipart.jpgSlashdot reports that in a recent Manhattan case, Warner v. Berry, the RIAA sued a man who lives in a homeless shelter. They left a copy of the summons and complaint not at the homeless shelter, but at an apartment the man had occupied in better times, and had long since vacated.

There was some debate over the merits and intentions of that particular lawsuit. But the report said the District Judge disagreed with imposing sanctions, giving the RIAA’s lawyers ‘as officers of the Court the benefit of the doubt,’ and instead concluded that the RIAA’s lawyers were just being ‘sloppy’ and had not made the misstatements for an improper purpose.

This is just one of thousands of lawsuits the RIAA has filed against suspected online music file sharers, including a deceased grandmother.

(Image credit: Clipart.com)