Rhythm game DJ Max Technika Q comes to iOS, Android


Thanks to mobile developer Neowiz, popular arcade rhythm game DJ Max Technika Q has made its way from real-world arcades and consoles to iOS and Android devices. The game features over 50 songs, some of which have never been seen in any other game in the franchise, and challenges players to tap, swipe and hold on the screen across multiple difficulty settings.

During each song, players are presented with moving background videos and a screen split in two (on the base difficulty setting). Rhythm symbols appear on both the top and bottom halves, though the beat moves from left to right on one, and from right to left on the other. This challenges players to rapidly move their fingers between the two lanes to tap on notes in time with the music.

While some notes are singular and stationary, others require players to tap and hold, or tap and slide their finger to follow the colorful path to its completion. The more accurate the timing of the swipe or tap, the more points (and eventually combo bonuses) players receive. Once players become comfortable with the rhythm of a particular song, they can play on advanced difficulty modes for more challenge.


Players earn experience points, a letter ranking and a spot on the leaderboard for each song they complete. Plus, an achievement system rewards players for completing major tasks. These rewards may include premium currency, which can be used to unlock additional songs, outside of the few that are available for free.

DJ Max Technika Q is available to download for free on iOS and Android. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.