RHONJ Teresa Giudice Sues Former Lawyer, Blames Him for Jail Time


It’s official.

Someone has figured out how to get retribution for a failed legal defense — sue the attorney that failed. 

Former “Real Housewife” of New Jersey Teresa Giudice, and her betrothed Joe, are leaving the small screen for a small room including three hots and a cot. ICYMI, they are going to prison because while they claimed they were bankrupt in 2009, they kinda didn’t disclose millions of dollars of rental income they thought the U.S. government wouldn’t notice.

And now it’s the lawyer’s fault?!

According to Yahoo News, Giudice can’t even do bankruptcy without searching for TV cameras.

In a petition filed in Manhattan Supreme Court Wednesday, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star claims it is James Kridel’s malpractice that ultimately resulted in her being sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for fraud.

She did so much wrong according to the IRS that she was slapped with a 39-count indictment from the real federal courts of New Jersey. Heck, the girl even hid her Bravo salary from the authorities (which proves that TV series is about as “real” as Mariah Carey’s love for her fans).

So, Giudice pleads guilty to four counts, including fraud, and now she is off to a federal resort. She knows that she will be out a few dimes for a few months so she filed a “malpractice” suit against Kridel because she can. And TMZ cares.

In this new suit, Teresa claims it was Kridel who failed to report the family’s earnings in full on the bankruptcy petition and adds that Kridel never even met or spoke with Teresa before he filed their claim.

Don’t worry, Teresa. Bravo will be ham-handed enough to give you a reality show when you get out of prison. Your day is coming. Until then, sing some Johnny Cash.