RHMIA’s Marysol Patton: ‘I’m Not a McDonald’s Milkshake’

After three episodes where Marysol Patton was largely in the background of all the action unfolding on The Real Housewives of Miami (Would Adriana’s art show come off without a hitch?! Will Lea really send Cristy an invoice for showing up at her big charity gala without a ticket?!), the Patton Group prez finally took center stage last night when Philippe  proposed. Congrats to the happy couple!

After the proposal and the ring — which was all sorts of blinged out thanks to a little input from mom Elsa — the couple did shots of vodka and kissed. The mike didn’t really pick it up, but apparently he makes a little slurpy noise before he does these things because the sound prompted Marysol to remind him, “I’m not a McDonald’s milkshake.”

Update: After the jump.

Perhaps, but there was a dinner party at Alexia’s where a roast pig was the main course. Marysol loves lechón (yum!), although some of the housewives do not. According to Larsa, Marysol ate so much lechón, she “started to oink by the end of the night.” Let the lady enjoy her pork!

Lea also made an off-color joke about Philippe needing a green card, which Marysol says on her Bravo blog hurt her feelings at first. “Philippe and I were sharing our engagement with the rest of the ladies and Lea turned it into a bit of a joke. Nevertheless, I know Lea didn’t mean it with ill intentions and all I can say is… Philippe and I are both quick to find humor in things where most people would not. We both laugh about the “green card” comment now every time we see the commercial.”

Tune in next week for the big wedding in Aspen! “Aspen?” you ask. Marysol wants to be married in the snow. Will Marysol roll down the hill in her dress and fur as predicted by mama Elsa? Will Lea make Adriana cry again? Suspense.

Update: The Real Housewives of Gossip blog has a sneak peak of the dress Marysol chose.