Rhapsody Subscription Music App Coming to Android – Why Does Mobile Service Cost More Than Desktop Service?


I know lots of people are interested in music subscription services because bazillions of people have bought the Zune HD just to get Zune Pass. Oh wait! Never mind…

In all seriousness, music subscription services does make sense for people interesting in sampling lots of music. I’m not sure who exactly is in that demographic group. I might have been in that group years ago. But, that’s not me today. But, if you are and have an Android, here’s an announcement for you…

Rhapsody PR Announcement: Rhap App Beta for Android

This is a private beta. So, you need to sign up on Rhapsody’s Facebook beta signup page to participate. I’m not particularly interested in paying $14.99 per month. And, why does it cost more on a mobile device than on a desktop where the price is apparently $12.99?

Via CNET: Rhapsody comes to Android