RFK Center Still Making Bank On HuffPo Internship

The Huffington Post summer internship is still going for $13,000 on charity auction site CharityBuzz.com. The auction ends in two days and you know we’re going to keep on this story. Remember, the money goes to the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

CharityBuzz CEO Coppy Holzman told us earlier that “we are proud that we can generate both awareness and funds in a positive way right now” and that “we have been very successful with internships in the past and each corporation that has internships has their own requirements.” Whatever that means.

Currently there’s enough interest in working for HuffPo that the auction is beating these other auctions in the same lot:
A behind-the-scenes tour of The Rachael Ray Show and a set of her pots and pans
-an autographed jacket that belonged to Arnold Schwarzenegger (autographed? really?)
Three nights in Mallorca
20 minutes with Suze Orman
Lunch with Bob Woodward
Private swim lesson with Michael Phelps
A singing lesson from Aretha Franklin
Dinner with Chris Matthews

Really now? Somebody wants to work at HuffPo that badly?
$10 says the winning bidder flakes out. I refuse to believe journalism’s in that terrible of a state.

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