Fast Company Editor on Why She Ditched Hudson, New York

ReyhanHarmanciTwitterProfilePicReyhan Harmanci (pictured) gave it a good go. A job with Modern Farmer led her and partner Patrick in 2012 from San Francisco, where they were priced out of the home-buying market, to the upstate New York community of Hudson.

But after two years, Harmanci is now back in the big city – NYC – and reflecting in the New York Times on her pursuit of a “small town fantasy:”

In a startup, it’s easy for work to dominate one’s personal life. In my case, managing a small team in a small town erased the distinctions altogether. After work, the staff in Hudson’s only amusement seemed to be bouncing around the town’s handful of bars. Besides my colleagues, I had few actual friends.

For the first time since college, I became depressed. Listless, I spent long hours lying in bed. Taking showers for warmth seemed like a legitimate hobby. Walking in the snow to and from the office was the only time I was outdoors and also the only time that I was alone. And when I walked, I walked in the middle of the street. There were rarely any cars with which to share the road. It felt like living in a snow globe.

Harmanci admits that she and Patrick could have very possibly done a better job of integrating into the Hudson community. But all in all, it just wasn’t meant to be and as of last month, she had joined Fast Company. Read the rest of her NYT musings here.

[Photo via @harmancipants]

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