Sideways Author Rex Pickett Takes His Creative Process to Chile

And he is inviting everyone to follow along via the website

Pickett is officially off this week from Santa Monica to Chile, where he will spend the next three-four months researching the third part of his Sideways trilogy. Even before departure, he’s blogged the first nugget of possible third-novel inspiration:

I did a corporate outing — my first — with a gaggle of guys and women from the adult beverage department of Walgreens (yes, Walgreens sells wine) — up to Sideways ground zero… The writer in me started to envision the opening of Sideways III (Chile). To wit: Miles has been reduced to corporate outings after the success of his novel and the movie that sprang from it. But he needs a change. Events will conspire to take him to Chile. That’s all I have right now.

Pickett hinted at the end of the second novel in his series, Vertical, that his characters would be headed somewhere new. But Chile only really hit the literary horizon when Wines of Chile and a local Chilean producer approached him with the idea of a sponsored trip. Miles in South America? Sounds like something that could definitely get Paul Giamatti interested in a movie sequel.

Pickett will be hard to miss as he tools around the South American countryside. His vehicle of choice is a Turquoise Fiat 500.