Rex Lee–Not Trying To Suck Up


Life imitates art and art imitates life, as the on-line clubhouse for assistants Hollywood Momentum found out from Rex Lee. Mali Perl interviewed Lee who toiled as a casting assistant before being cast as the long-suffering agency underling Lloyd on HBO’s Entourage, and got him to spill:

I was desperate to play Lloyd (laughs). I’m aware that I can play a whole range of roles but I’m also aware that Lloyd is probably a role I was born to play–a role I can play really well.

Enough of this–what about Ari? Turns out Jeremy Piven is a big fan of improv. We just bet he is. Maybe he’ll stick to the script more often after reading this:

M: What about a person whose career you admire?
R: (long pause) Well, I know this is an easy answer and I’m not trying to brownnose anyone but maybe Jeremy. He’s been around for a really long time.

Or maybe not, as Mali points out:

M: I’m not sure he’s going to love that really that you threw in there.

Hint to Mali: if you’ve got ’em on a roll, don’t slam on the brakes!