Revolving Door: Schreyer Goes Small and Cheap

As the owner of a Kia, this writer has long enjoyed their tiny cars, deathtraps as they may/may not be. And, surprisingly for the cost, their automotive designs aren’t half bad. Everything is easy, accessible, and nice to look at. Sure, it may not have the same beauty as the ’89 BMW we used to own and still pine for while sitting in traffic, but they make damn fine cars for the city. And maybe now, even damned finer. Kia has just announced that they’ve hired Peter Schreyer as their head of design. He’s the guy, if you know your cars, who headed up the look of the impossibly cool Audi TT roadster, and possibly more familiar, also put together the new Volkswagen Beetle. The cars will stay inexpensive, of course, but with Schreyer on board, sometimes it’s possible to make cheap look expensive. And haven’t you kinda noticed that a lot of the smaller, compact cars have been where all the interesting designs are coming out of? We’re thinking about things like the Yaris, the Scions, and the like.