Revolving Door: Robert Lutz Decides to Stay in Design Position at GM


Remember back in February when we told you that Robert Lutz, the automotive/design guru who had been serving as General Motor‘s chairman (and who we got to spend some one-on-one time with him a couple years back), was planning to resign? Well scratch that. Lutz has now announced that he’s staying on with the now-non-bankrupt company in perhaps a role he’ll enjoy more than his prior business-y position. Although similar to his previous vice chairmanship, this new role will find him in charge of helping to oversee the design of the much thinner company’s products. Here’s a bit from the announcement of Lutz’s staying on from GM’s new CEO Fritz Henderson:

“I am pleased to announce that we are ‘unretiring’ Bob Lutz so he can fill this important position in the new GM,” Henderson said in a news conference. “He has a proven track record of unleashing creativity in the design and development of GM cars and trucks. This new role allows him to take that passion a step further, applying it to other parts of GM that connect directly with customers.”