Revolving Door: Ole Scheeren Departs Rem Koolhaas’ OMA to Start His Own Firm

We have returned to full force, dear readers. This writer is back after a much-enjoyed trip and now ready to talk all things design-y news. And what news there is. Perhaps the biggest of the morning comes word that Ole Scheeren, Rem Koolhaas‘ right hand man at the starchitect’s Office for Metropolitan Architecture, has decided to leave to start his own firm. While Scheeren certainly isn’t the household name his now-former employer is, he’s been right there at the forefront on project like the semi-controversial CCTV tower and its contemporary, the burnt down-but-maybe-not-totally-out Mandarin Hotel in Beijing and Koolhaas’ various outtings with Prada, so it’s a major deal for OMA to see him leaving. Here’s the official word from both parties:

Rem Koolhaas commented: “Ole has played a significant role in the development of the office and has successfully led the realization of the CCTV project. After 15 years of collaboration, we have now decided to work independently. I am personally looking forward to furthering OMA’s activities in Asia.”

Scheeren, who has accepted a post as Visiting Professor at Hong Kong University, added: “My collaboration with Rem Koolhaas and OMA has been an extraordinary experience – we have generated some remarkable projects both in East Asia and North America. The time has now come for me to pursue new opportunities, and I am very excited about this next phase of my work.”