Revolving Door: Mr. Land Rover Says “That’s It. I’m Leaving.” and Promptly Leaves Before Anyone Has a Chance to Say Anything


We don’t know from cars really, other than knowing how to use the forwards and backwards lever and the port and starboard directional mechanism, but that isn’t why we’re posting this story. It was floating around various car sites yesterday about Geoff Upex, the design director of Land Rover, who, after more than two decades, is hanging up his hat and calling it quits. So that’s interesting, but also, in the couple of reports we read, we really liked how he went out. Just comes across as him, in the middle of some typical day, in the middle of some typical meeting, saying:

“That’s it — I feel I’ve done all I can with Land Rover, and it’s time now for someone else to take over,” he told Auto Express. “There is nothing else I can add to the cars. We have revitalized the Range — but now it needs a fresh approach.”

And then, just like that, he walks out the door. Can’t you just see that? We wish the world worked like that, where people would have that kind of weird, absurd confidence.