Revolving Door: LA’s MoCA Also Lays Off Director of Collections and Registration, Robert Hollister

Following our report yesterday that Brooke Hodge, curator of architecture and design, was laid off from her position at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, we’ve learned by way of the LA Times that this wasn’t the only high profile removal. Robert Hollister, the museum’s director of collections and registration was also let go, thus leaving the MoCA with no one in a managerial position to oversee the cataloguing of their artistic holdings. Instead, the museum plans to keep “three full-time registrars” who will be responsible for taking care of Hollister’s former duties (and answering to another department?). Here’s a bit:

“It’s an epidemic we’ve been seeing that we haven’t seen before. It’s disturbing, because these are the main people who manage the collections,” said [Jacqueline Cabrera], a registrar at the Getty Villa near Malibu. “I was always amazed at how small the [registrars] staff at MOCA was, in terms of their very ambitious program” of exhibitions, she added.