Revolving Door: Garrick Hamm, Not Banksy, Takes Over as D&AD’s President


Well, so much for the rumor/idea that street artist/mysterious rich person Banksy would be taking over as president of D&AD. Friday saw the official introduction of Garrick Hamm as the new head of the organization (pdf), a position he’ll hold for the next year, while maintaining his role as a partner at the branding agency Williams Murray Hamm. So no Banksy for this go ’round, but picking Hamm was probably for the best, considering what sort of weird D&AD annuals would have resulted with Mr. Artist at the helm. Here’s a bit:

Taking over from Simon Waterfall, Hamm will be D&AD’s leading ambassador and spokesperson for the next 12 months. Hamm said, “Yes, D&AD has work to do — putting even more of our content online will be a positive step. Shaking a Yellow Pencil out of the Graphic Design jury, even better. But D&AD does a lot right and a lot of good and I’m very proud to be its next President.”

“D&AD deserves Garrick Hamm,” said outgoing President Simon Waterfall. “Over the last four years, he has shown the most amazing energy and enthusiasm for the education side of D&AD, which is our reason for being. He is a champion amongst men with a quiet and self-deprecating manner, basically everything I am not and aspire to be.”