Revolving Door: DWR Upgrades Their Staff


Why do we like focusing on Design Within Reach so much? Well, why do you keep coming to this site to read about it? To make a case for ourselves, it’s an interesting company to watch as it booms, dips, and struggles for survival. Plus, their stuff, while expensive, seems like it has either the nobel purpose of trying to educate consumers by saying, “Someone actually designed this stuff you’re using!” or, in a cynical take, just using that as something to create a fake kind of sincerity and authenticity. But no matter. This time around it appears that DWR now has a new VP of Design and Mechandising, Ms. Karen John. Here’s some:

Ms. John began consulting with Design Within Reach in 2003 to help define the vision, strategy and process for the company’s product development efforts and was named Director of Product Development in 2005. In this role, she paired some of the industry’s most talented designers with skilled manufacturers to design and develop products exclusively for Design Within Reach. Under Ms. John’s leadership, the Company’s collaborative efforts include the introduction of a modern recliner designed by Jeffrey Bernett, a partnership with Dutch design company Moooi to distribute select designs in the U.S., including Marcel Wander’s Bottoni Collection, and a new product category, DWR Bedding, designed with Laura Guido-Clark.