Revolving Door: Andy Baio Leaves Yahoo, More to Come from Waxy!


In other, perhaps happier news, Andy Baio, he of the mighty Waxy, has decided to hang up his hat at the company/destination he built, Upcoming, and had snapped up by Yahoo two years ago, in favor of taking over Waxy full time, promising to offer up more links and more research-based content. We couldn’t be more happy for him, and for us for that matter, since we’ve been longtime fans of the site and our world only becomes that more pleasant in knowing we’ll be able to check back with him much more often throughout the day. Here’s the details:

Next year, I’m focusing exclusively on and related coding projects. What does that mean? Yes, more links, but also the same flavor of original research and investigative journalism I’ve done in the past, though on a daily basis instead of the quarterly (ack!) schedule I maintained this year.

I’m going to be taking some time off for the rest of the year to travel and get things in order (e.g. I’m long due for a redesign), so don’t expect things to really get moving until the first week of January. Stay tuned to the feed for details.