Revolving Door 08.15.05

The latest job changes in D.C. media

Job changes are continuing apace even while the rest of Washington is empty. Here’s a round-up of the latest:

  • As regular readers of ABCNews’ daily political briefing will Note, today’s issue is lacking the byline of one of its founders: Marc Ambinder celebrated his last day at the network Friday and will be starting at the Hotline, as previously mentioned, soon. Ambinder is the highest profile arrival, but hardly the only one:

    Josh Kraushaar, a former American U. student who helped out on the National Journal’s Almanac of American Politics, joins the Hotline today as a staff writer. The path from Almanac intern to NJ staffer is a well-worn one, although not everyone there is quite so dorky as Kraushaar, who got a copy of the book as a gift for his 12th birthday.

    Also Jonathan Martin, currently the press secretary for Connecticut Rep. Rob Simmons (R) will be jumping over to the Watergate later this month too to take the staff writer job vacated by David Smith.

    The word is that the Hotline hopes to have a replacement for Vaughn Ververs sometime next month.

  • Roll Call’s Mary Ann Akers reports that Fox News Congressional producer Julie Asher, “a talented blonde bombshell” fluent in French, is making “an extreme leap from the star-spangled Freedom Fry network to the French television network TF1.” As Akers says, it’s definitely an odd leap ideologically: “Imagine The Nation magazine losing one of its reporters to the National Review. Or hippy-dippy NPR losing talent to Fox News.”

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