Revision3 Rolls Out HD Nation

Self-described Internet TV company Revision3 has rolled out HD Nation, a new weekly service-oriented series centered on HD content and technology.

The new show, which debuted on July 14, is hosted by Revision3 veteran Patrick Norton (Tekzilla) and HD expert Robert Heron, formerly of PC Magazine and DL.TV. New episodes will be posted each Tuesday on and via distributors such as iTunes, YouTube, Joost and Hulu.

The pair plan to cover such topics as shopping for HDTVs and home-theater equipment on a budget; and reviews of movies and other HD fare, such as the upcoming release of the complete series of Battlestar Galactica for Blu-ray devices. Episode one was sponsored by Netflix and

HD Nation is the latest in a stream of new series released by Revision3, which continues to churn out new online content despite a very tough market. For example, just this past May the company introduced the do-it-yourself-movie series Film Riot.