Revision3 Inks Deals With Hulu, Joost

Revision3, a San Francisco, Calif.-based digital media upstart which produces over a dozen original Web series, has inked a slew of new distribution deals in the past two weeks, including partnerships with Hulu, Joost, TiVo, and Revver, significantly boosting its potential reach.

The company, who’s core audience falls in the tech savvy, 18-34 year old male segment, is perhaps best known for its popular series Diggnation, which examines the top news stories as voted on by users of the social news site That series has previously been available on Revision3’s own site, yet officials said that vast majority of the company’s streaming traffic occurs on other video properties, such as YouTube and iTunes.

Now, along with its widely expanded distribution footprint, Revision3 has rolled out a new series –Scam School==eaturing Brian Brushwood a magician/comedian who is popular on college campuses (and has appeared on The Tonight Show). In the new show, Brushwood teaches viewers a series of basic magic tricks geared for bar patrons looking to score free drinks or meet members of the opposite sex.

Though no advertisers have signed on to sponsor Scam School as of yet, Revision3 has landed advertisers such as Virgin America, Dr. Pepper, Bank of America for its other series. To date, those ad campaigns consisted mainly of product placement opportunities or Howard Stern-like host mentions–though officials at Revision3 said they plan on expanding the network’s video advertising offerings in the near future.