Reviews Are In: British Museum, The TV Show Is the Best Possible Kind of Dull


Following our post the other day on soon-to-be-regularly-on-tv, the British Museum‘s Neil MacGregor, the Guardian‘s TV blog has up the first review of the new BBC show, “The Museum,” which profiles the goings ons therein. The first word: it’s boring — but in a really interesting way. Here’s some:

Otherwise, there’s Karen, who’s spent the past six years working on some fragments of an Egyptian wall painting; and Richard, who’s been studying those fragments for nine years (a large chunk of his life taken up by a few large chunks of masonry). Then, over in the King’s Library, a lady’s heel has made a mark on the floor. “It’s definitely a lady’s high heel,” says Gary the joiner. “Men, obviously, don’t wear high heels in public that often.”

And Brendan the gallery manager is in a stew about a dust problem in the display cabinets. Will the problem be sorted or will the stuffed animals have to be returned to the Natural History Museum? And is the dust coming in at the front of the cabinets, or at the back? The tension is killing me.