Reviewing New York’s New Stadiums

Late this past week marked the first media previews of the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field in New York (which were, like we told you when we said “they build everything,” were both built by the newly-renamed firm Populous). So of course there were a handful of non-sports-focused members of the media among the mix, including the NY TimesNicolai Ouroussoff, whose review of both new stadiums we enjoyed, if simply because it allows us to imagine going to a baseball game with the critic, which we genuinely think would be a lot of fun. In short, Ouroussoff gives a lot of details about the construction and the feel of both, and generally likes them, though he finds the Yankees’ new home fairly heavy and “important” (key emphasis on the use of quotes there), while the Mets’ new digs are perceived as a lot more friendly and gentle, something built to convey the having of a good time. But beyond this one critique, it’s well worth checking out all the others out there, as there are plenty. And we encourage you to also read from the sports side, from the perspective of people who will actually be taking in the experience on a regular basis, like Newsday‘s Neil Best‘s reviews of both new spots.