ReverbNation’s “Venue Profile” App Helps Music Venues Promote on Facebook

ReverbNation, developers of Facebook musician app Band Profile, this week launched a new Page management tab application called “Venue Profile” that helps performance spaces promote themselves and their upcoming shows. Venues can provide location details, take email signups, list upcoming shows, stream music of performers, and link to ticket sales.

Venue Profile will allow venue owners to create a much more compelling presence than Facebook’s native Places pages, helping them convert one-time visitors into regulars, while giving ReverbNation exposure to bands who are its core market.

To date, there haven’t been many useful Page or Places tab applications for venues. Most, including Context Optional and BetaPond’s, have focused purely on driving check-ins, or have been designed for restaurants like that offered by Exit41. Meanwhile, tools like ReverbNation’s own Band Profile and AuthorPage by Rethink Books have helped musicians, authors, and other public figures set up a multi-media presence on Facebook, but there was no app designed specifically to help venues.

Now, venues can set up their own rich media destination for free through Venue Profile. Set up is simple and straight forward, only requiring the minimun basic information about a venue before an admin can publish the app to their Page or Place. Admins can then choose to add email signup and booking contact widgets, and ReverbNation walks users through the process of making Venue Profile their Page’s default landing tab.

Upcoming shows can be added manually or imported from a CSV. If the performers have ReverbNation Band Profiles, details about them and a music player are automatically imported into the show’s listing, allowing admins to give visitors a sample of their material without hosting any MP3s or other media. A venue’s next show is automatically promoted just below their banner, and the show list updates itself as dates pass. All shows can display details and ticket links, and Share buttons let visitors tell their friends and organize outings.

Admins can choose the look of their app by choosing pre-made themes or creating custom color themes. They can choose to show their Page’s latest update, add info to fields that are relevant to venues such as age limit or capacity, and they can edit and set a custom URL for the tab.

Venue Profile already has some prominent music performance spaces featuring the app on their Page, including The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, and The Roxy in Los Angeles. The app is free, but we suspect ReverbNation is using it to generate leads for its Band Profile app that monetizes musicians through email marketing services. When artists see their shows displayed in the app, they’ll likely ask the venue or investigate how they can similarly promote themselves on Facebook.

As more brands and local businesses establish a presence on Facebook and look towards how to gain and engage fans, expect more of these vertical-specific Page management tools. Though they might not be standalone money-makers, these types of apps can help developers gain exposure to less niche, more lucrative markets.

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