ReverbNation helps artists target ads to users who have listened to similar artists

ReverbNation has added a new option to its Facebook ad tool to allow music artists to target users who have listened to similar artists on streaming services like Spotify.

ReverbNation’s Promote It platform simplifies Facebook advertising by framing campaigns in a way that relates specifically to artists. For example, instead providing a number of complex targeting options, as Facebook’s self-serve tool does, Promote It simply asks artists to “name five artists whose fans might like your music.” Now in addition to targeting users who have listed those artists as Likes or interests, Promote It will target users who have recently listened to them on Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Deezer or Myspace.

This is possible through Facebook’s action spec targeting option, which is available in beta to Ads API partners. Advertisers can target users who have taken any action in an Open Graph application. In this case, the action is “listened to” and Promote It defines different artists as objects depending on the campaign. This type of targeting could be a powerful component of Facebook’s ad platform in the future, but advertisers have been relatively slow to adopt it, citing low reach and confusion about how it works.

ReverbNation implemented the feature only a week ago, so it does not have results to share. However, another ad provider, Nanigans, recently found that action targeting can result in up to 2.25 times higher clickthrough rates. Nanigans CEO Ric Calvillo tells us his customers have found success by targeting “app use” actions and Pinterest “pin” and “repin” actions, among others.

ReverbNation President and Co-Founder Jed Carlson says the new targeting feature is available for all Promote It campaigns, whether users are promoting a song, a fan page or a live show. Artists do not need to pay extra or take any additional steps for this targeting to be enabled.

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