Revenge of the Slate, and other Star Wars puns from Michael Wolff’s favorite website

Millions of Star Wars fans have spent the past few weeks grabbing their lightsabers and “using the force” in excitement over the new “Star Wars” (aka the old “Star Wars,” aka “Revenge of the Sith,” aka the last and final “Star Wars”). Some of them, it appears, write for Slate. We, too, find ourselves vaguely stirred by Wookies, so we thought we’d link to a few of them.

Bryan Curtis and Chris Suellentrop went to a midnight screening and emerged, flushed with joy and excitement, and jumped right online at 2:46 am to log 2,394 words about their obsession, clearly of galactic proportions. They discuss everything from the doomed love of Anakin for Padme (“that interstellar goddess”) to the homoerotic underpinnings of Yoda’s Jedi-love (“I always wondered why Yoda was so hot for Luke to stay on Dagobah”) to Jedi celibacy (likely not an oxymoron in the case of these two knights).

Adam Rogers really, really wants you to see Episode III – even if you’re a newcomer! – so he’s devised a helpful guide for the non-Star Wars obsessed. What, no entry for Boba Fett? And you call yourself a geek. Linking under duress.

David Edelstein has to write about this ’cause he’s the Slate film critic but we know he liked it, or at least was proud of his “I Dream of Jedi” headline — and his “Passion of the Sith” headline! (Really good movies get two headlines.) Helpfully, Slate also provides two reviews of Sith from the Washington Post (“Heart of Darthness,” oooh, good one!) and Newsweek, part of their happy Jedi corporate family.

Brothers at Slate, we salute your valiant efforts to bring Sith into our lives and hope that you enjoy your second, third and fourth viewings as much as you did your first one. Revenge of the Sith may be the last in the Star Wars kajilogy – at least until Lucas decides it’s time to reveal more backstory – but we know it will live on in the hearts of true Jedi masters. But seriously, we know you’re sad and we’re rooting for Lucas to get antsy in a few years, too.

Until then, and always: may the force be with you.

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