Reuters/Ipsos Joins the Polling Simulation Game With New Election Tool

You, too, can play pollster.

Reuters/Ipsos has analyzed the results of its online tracking poll with respondents in the 15,000-16,000 range and turned it into a simulation tool that allows anyone to play around with demographic data to consider the effects of different turnout scenarios on the presidential election.

The poll is conducted weekly, with data updated accordingly. Visitors can come to check out current projections or play pollster and filter both demographics, projected turnout, or both. The available demographic categories are race, sex, age, income, party. You can choose multiple categories, raise or lower predicted turnout, and see how that would affect the projected electoral college results.

Reuters’ current projection of general turnout is at 60 percent, and each demographic group subdivision is accompanied by its own turnout projection. If you need a go vote reminder, a brief run through the site tells us the moral of the story is turnout can be everything, depending on who is or isn’t showing up at the polls.

For more on methodology, you can go here.