Reuters Teams Up with Next Media Animation

Reuters announced today that, as of July 16, it plans to offer 20 Next Media Animation videos per week through its distribution network. Not familiar with Next Media Animation? Actually, you probably are. They’re the Taiwanese company that puts out those wacky animated takes on the news.

Reuters’ head of video Owen Wyatt was remarkably humorless and corporate in announcing the new deal. “Our partnership with Next Media Animation has allowed us to a create and shape a video solution that enables broadcast and online publishers to illustrate every angle of a story, adding depth to our reporting when video from the scene is not available. This service will enable our customers to streamline their workflows, add colour to in-house graphics and access compelling and timely animations to support their programming.”

Yeah… Dude, they make silly videos. Lighten it up a bit. It’s not like Errol Morris is making these things.