Reuters Social Media Staffer Indicted for Allegedly Aiding Computer Hacking

Matthew Keys, a deputy social media editor at Reuters, has been indicted by the Department of Justice for his alleged involvement with Anonymous, a computer hacking group. Politico reports that Keys is charged with providing Anonymous members with log-in information to Tribune Company computer servers.

According to a DOJ release, Keys began working with Anonymous when he worked for Fox 40, a Tribune Company network:

Keys identified himself on an Internet chat forum as a former Tribune Company employee and provided members of Anonymous with a login and password to the Tribune Company server. After providing log-in credentials, Keys allegedly encouraged the Anonymous members to disrupt the website. According to the indictment, at least one of the computerhackers used the credentials provided by Keys to log into the Tribune Company server, and ultimately that hacker made changes to the web version of a Los Angeles Times news feature.

Keys’ employment status is currently unknown, but a Reuters employee said his desk was being disassembled and his security pass was deactivated.

The three counts Keys faces each carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and fines up to $250,000.