Reuters Snatches Former The Big Money Head James Ledbetter

ReutersLogo.jpgJames Ledbetter landed the job of running just two months after business/economy site The Big Money was shuttered by Slate, paidContent:UK reports.

Ledbetter, who had still been writing for Slate, was deputy managing editor of and prior to the launch of The Big Money.

paidContent:UK also reported that Arlene Getz, former editorial director of worldwide special editions at Newsweek, will join Reuters to help tailor its news offerings for media clients, reporting to top news editor Eddie Evans.

Ledbetter told paidContent:UK:

Reuters has done a great job of redesigning its Web site for a general business audience, but to date, they haven’t had a lot of resources at their disposal in terms of organizing its news in a compelling way. Aside from getting a quick understanding of the logistics of a very large place, I want to focus on answering the question of how can you bring more voices, more excitement to the site, without stepping on the integrity of Reuters. And how you can work with the amazing group of journalists to create a more compelling Web experience.