Reuters Revamps Homepage

A good update.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.41.23 AM copyReuters has launched a new homepage for The new page places an emphasis on images, videos and feature reporting.

A few revamped’s highlights:

  • A real-time news stream called The Wire
  • The most important stories of the day are found easily
  • Markets data is given more prominent placement
  • Larger images
  • Faster load times

Reuters digital publisher Bill Riordan said the revamp was inspired by Reuters’ recent mobile update.

“We started by tackling the mobile web first, with a redesign last August, and that gave us a 40 percent spike in mobile users,” said Riordan. “Now we’re taking what we learned back to the desktop. This next step will mean new opportunities for users and for advertisers and there will be more enhancements to come.”

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