Reuters Offers New Financial Data Service to Newspapers

reuters03182010.jpgReuters is adding a new, finance-focused subscription service to its newspapers, the company announced today.

“Reuters Financial Infographics” makes graphs out of financial data and sends it to newspapers at the close of each business day. Graphics automation software company Custom Flow Solutions will provide support for the new project.

The apparent goal is to allow media outlets to outsource their graphic-design work to Reuters. The service incorporates data concerning stocks, fixed income, currencies, commodities and energy.

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New York — Reuters today announced it will offer automated delivery of customizable, print-ready financial data layouts to US newspapers at an attractive price. The solution leverages Thomson Reuters assets as the leading financial news and information provider.

The offering, Reuters Financial Infographics (RFI), provides camera-ready pages and graphs that can be customized to individual newspaper requirements. RFI sets a new standard in the presentation of financial data and saves newspapers time and resources.

“RFI was created as part of a larger strategy to address the challenges facing media owners today,” said Christoph Pleitgen, managing director of Reuters news agency for Thomson Reuters. “Our media customers told us they need more than content, they need workflow solutions. And the solution we are launching today is specifically tailored for the needs of US newspapers.”

Reuters has teamed up with Custom Flow Solutions, a development firm specializing in publishing automation, to deliver this product.

“Our technology solutions combined with Reuters strong reputation as a financial data provider, is the perfect fit,” explained Hanaan Rosenthal, managing director for Custom Flow Solutions.