Reuters, NY Times Playing Footsie?

1211reuters.jpgNews has filtered out from negotiations between the New York Times and Reuters regarding a business news reporting partnership aimed at defeating the Murdochized Wall Street Journal. Per The Times of London (a News. Corp-owned property):

The tie-ups are designed to augment both titles’ business coverage, in an attempt to fend off the competitive threat from The Wall Street Journal, which is due to be acquired by News Corporation, the parent company of The Times, this week. […] Mike Oreskes confirmed that there were “ongoing discussions” about a separate agreement to supply business news to The New York Times. He said that business coverage was critical to his audience: “We believe that the most important story in the world is not politics or sports, but the globalisa-tion of business and of economics and we’ve been trying to upgrade the section steadily to reflect that.”

However, we’re interested in the corollary to this leak. More business reporting from a wire service = less business reporters employed by the New York Times? Who knows; the newspaper has been cutting back as of late…

(Image via Geeks With Blogs)