Reuters Makes ‘Key Hires’ in D.C.

Reuters is announcing this afternoon the hires of two financial journalists: Scot Paltrow and Mark Hosenball.

They are being described as “key hires to support Reuters efforts to expand its coverage of business, Wall Street and Washington.

Paltrow will cover financial crimes specifically pertaining to the financial crisis. He’s a former investigative reporter at WSJ. Hosenball will cover “how business and lobbying impacts policy” in D.C. Hosenball is formerly with Newsweek.

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Reuters makes key hires in Washington, DC

Today, Reuters announced the appointments of two of the industry’s most distinguished financial journalists Scot Paltrow and Mark Hosenball. These key hires support Reuters efforts to expand its coverage of the intersection of business, Wall Street and Washington, and to bolster its growing enterprise reporting team.

Scot Paltrow is joining Reuters to cover financial crimes, specifically covering criminal and civil investigations related to the financial crisis, as well as the effort to more closely regulate and police the financial world. Paltrow has an impressive track record unearthing financial scandals and breaking news on high-profile stories. He worked for 10 years as an investigative reporter and senior special writer at the Wall Street Journal covering the White House, Congress, financial regulation, and other topics of national interest. Prior to that, Paltrow was the New York financial bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, where he won multiple major awards, including the George Polk Award.

Mark Hosenball is joining Reuters to cover the intersection of money and politics, and how business and lobbying impacts policy in Washington. During a career spanning more than three decades, Hosenball has worked as an investigative reporter for leading American and British media organizations. After three years as an investigative producer for NBC News, in 1993 he joined Newsweek’s Washington bureau, where he covered a range of issues, including politics and money, aviation safety, the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and national security and intelligence issues. Hosenball was the lead reporter on a story published by Newsweek in February 2001 which warned that Osama bin Laden was aiming to launch attacks against the United States, winning numerous awards. He also shared in two National Magazine Awards for the magazine’s coverage of the Lewinsky scandal and the 9/11 attacks. Since last year, he has been a principle author of Newsweek’s “Declassified” blog on national security and terrorism.

Courtney Dolan
Head of Public Relations, Editorial