Reuters Launches On-Demand News App

The app aims to be "TV news for the Netflix generation"

IMG_1801Reuters is taking a stab at on-demand TV news with the launch of Reuters TV. The app — currently available for the iPhone only — delivers highly-customizable news reports right to your phone.

The first thing that stands out about Reuters TV is that it is beautifully designed. It’s sleek and quick and ultra-responsive. The nuts and bolts of the app are impressive as well. Reuters TV offers users two viewing experiences: Reuters Now and Live Feeds.

Reuters Now is on-demand news reports that are curated by Reuters editors and an algorithm that alters its content based on a user’s viewing habits. Users can set the viewing time too — anywhere from five to 30 minutes — so it’s appealing to those with short attention spans. The videos can even be downloaded for offline viewing. Live Feeds, on the other hand, delivers real-time coverage of the world’s most important news stories.

Issac Showman, managing director of Reuters TV, said consumers’ ever-shifting media habits was part of the inspiration for the app. “The way we watch TV and stay informed about news has changed,” Showman told FishbowlNY. “Today, you’re unlikely to be at home to watch the evening news and Twitter has become a major source of breaking news. Reuters TV is our response to these big shifts in consumer behavior. It’s TV news for the Netflix generation: on-demand, up-to-date, personalized to you and available anywhere and at the duration that’s right for you.”


Reuters TV is mostly free of ads — Showman said ads will only be 15 seconds long, and the overall “ad load” is a minuscule five percent — which is another positive. The app will cost users, though. After a 30 day free trial expires, users will be asked to subscribe for $1.99 per month.

Reuters TV is quality, customizable reports delivered to the palms of consumers’ hands. We bet plenty of news hounds will deem that price a small one to pay.