Reuters Can Drop F-Bomb in a Story?

The French can be so fucking quotable, can’t they?

In a recent story from Reuters about a New York Publicist suing a French magazine editor for assault, battery and emotional distress, the French editor admitted to slapping Lynn Tesoro during New York Fashion Week.

As reported in Women’s Wear Daily and then Reuters, Jennifer Eymere, editor of Jalouse, explained the slap: “It was a small slap. It was not strong. I didn’t hurt her, it was just to humiliate her. She humiliated my mom, and I humiliated her in front of her crew. Voilà. I just said at the end, ‘Now you know you don’t fuck with French people.'”

The Reuters story was reported by Joseph Ax and edited by Paul Thomasch and Xavier Briand.

Whoa. Wait a minute. Forget about the French for a moment, Reuters allows f-bombs with no stars, dashes or [expletive] substitute? Most mainstream publications around Washington such as WaPo, NYT, Politico, Roll Call and The Hill do not allow most expletives in stories.

We reached out to a publicist for comment.

UPDATE: Reuters has had various ways of using the f-bomb. In 2004, Reuters used the word “fuck” in a lead and prefaced it with this warning line at the top of the story: (First paragraph of this story contains language that may be offensive to some readers). In 2011, however, Reuters had moved on to dashes. They used “f-word” and “s-word” respectively. We’re told it’s a case by case basis depending on the writer and editor.