Retwact Lets You Mass-Correct An Incorrect Tweet You Sent After It’s Been Retweeted

The proliferation of false information on Twitter is an increasingly prevalent issue as the network becomes the go-to source for intel during public emergencies and crises.

Most recently, the shooting at the D.C. Navy Yard and the Boston Marathon Bombing both saw hundreds of incorrect tweets spiral into undeserving popularity over the course of several hours.

A free Twitter tool called Retwact is out to fix that.

Retwact helps you notify people who have retweeted you that you’ve made changes to your tweet.

Created by Miami-based software developer @StonlyBaptiste, Retwact is easy to use and clear in its execution.

Connect your Twitter account, select one of your five most recent retweets (the tool shows how many retweets each tweet had) and decide what the new tweet should say.

Your final tweet will contain “via @retwact” (no way to change that).

Would you consider using Retwact if you sent a tweet that you realized after the fact was inaccurate?

(Twitter image by mooshimooshisan via Flickr.)

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